I have done freelance work for a variety of businesses. The majority of my services have revolved around social media strategy, but I have also created branded content for apps, generated graphics for contests and events, in addition to writing witty product descriptions and compelling copy for websites. Full social media portfolio is available upon request. Shoot me a line: info@amariebaker.com


Pansyco - Shot, edited and directed a series of videos for the ethical and organic underwear brand Pansyco. This was under my all poc women, queer, trans and non-binary collective biinarbb.

Chandelier Creative - Worked with the creative agency to write copy, design videos, collaborate with the editors to write articles and create one-of-a-kind content for their posts. Our focus is on the engagement and growth of Instagram by pursuing brilliance, curating culture, and championing troublemakers. 

Refinery 29 - Collaborated with Refinery 29 to create visual content for Short Cuts. Short Cuts is a "makeup and hair destination that offers tips, tricks, and transformations that make the ordinary extraordinary." Check out the videos here.

Parsons Elab - Created a strategy for the Elab and revamped their entire social media presence to increase awareness of the program in New York City and attract more Alumni to apply. 

Catalyst Wed Co. - Rebranded their social platforms, created a kick-ass strategy for them and in the wake of recent events I wrote an article on the dreaded D word... Diversity. 

Shop Catalog - Wrote creative and engaging copy for various product descriptions. Shop Catalog is a platform that uses witty pop culture references and playful banter to get people engaged with the products on their site. This was a really fun project where I curated the items I wrote descriptions for. Full project here.

University of Houston - Overhauled Pinterest site within a three week time period. Curated relevant content and filtered through student submissions for the platform. Used SEO and keywords to successfully grow following organically by over 200 followers in one month. 

Immanitas Entertainment - Served as a fitness model that demonstrated various workouts to be complied for a fitness application. Wrote technical copy on how to perform each exercise in addition to a motivational tip section for the application. See the app here: My Fitness: Best Body Workout

Huntsville Area Technology and Business Complex - Performed extensive market research for the company and created a branding plan that involved the revamp of all social media sites in order to be cohesive and consistent with their brand. Devised social calendars for all platforms for the business to follow and based on market research suggested advertising vendors. Also, collaborated with owners to write copy  for the website and brochures.

Losode - Did considerable market research on other ecommerce sites that targeted consumers in Africa and the U.K. Ran their Twitterfor one month to gear up for a new re-launch. Interacted with followers and shared relevant fashion news and tips daily. Designed graphics as needed. Curated engaging and relevant photos for the brand to chose from for their Instagram.