Rebranding - currently working on an up to date rebranding of my blog Simpli Spiritu across all social platforms. I wanted to combine the things I love and let it reflect who I am as an artist. 

ID Magazine mockup - I work a lot with mixed media and collage and created this quick little mockup for a cover based on an article ID Magazine wrote featuring Zoe Kravitz. Photo credit: Matt Jones 

Akzidenz Grotesk - Fun poster I made about the Akzidenz Grotesk typeface.

Playing with Pattern - Playful poster based off a fortune cookie I received. 

Expressive Type - a few pieces from my series of playing with typographic elements.

Editing - messing with perception and double exposure.

Mujeres En Medio - I redesigned the mission statement and the call for collaborators for Mujeres En Medio. I am also actively working with the collective  to develop their branding style guide. Click any photo above to see their site.


Catalyst Wed Co. - I helped my friends over at Catalyst with a full rebranding their online presence.  

University of Houston Bucket List - Researched traditions at the university and created with a bucket list. Designed this template and created graphics to correspond with each item on the list. Click the image above to see what items have made the bucket list so far.  

Geofilters - I designed these Geofilters to spark more student pride and allow students to brag about the University of Houston. Click on any of the photos above to see how students have used these filters on campus. Note: not all filters were activated via Snapchat.

UH Emergency Graphics - Designed pre-made graphics allow for eye-grabbing yet concise content.

University of Houston Pinterest - I overhauled the entire site and curated new content for boards. I redesigned the covers for the new Pinterest boards. Above you can see screenshots of before and after the overhaul. Click the image to enlarge the photo. By using keywords, relevant pins and SEO I grew our following by over two hundred users in less than one month. 

This Week On Campus - Designed with the goal of driving students to more weekly events.

Finals Infographic - Designed to give tips on lowering stress levels and good study habits during finals. 

University of Houston - Enlarged version of the UH Geofilter.

University of Houston - Graphic I designed in honor of 88 years!  

University of Houston - Collaborated and came up with a contest for the weekend of the University's 88th birthday. I designed three different graphics for users to participate in the contest across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.